Permatherm – Polyiso Pipe Insulation System

Polyiso Insulation
PermaTherm supplies complete polyiso (PIR) cold pipe insulation systems, for chilled water down to cryogenic applications. PermaTherm controls every step of the process from fabrication to application of vapor barriers and jackets, and assistance in calculation of the bill-of-materials (including accessories) as well as boxing and shipping.  Polyiso is different than XPS and EPS since it is a thermoset rigid foam that retains its rigidity up to and beyond 300°F (+169°C), yet while having other physical properties comparable to XPS – – at a lower cost.

Twenty-five years ago, PermaTherm was part of a team that specified, designed and installed cold piping and insulation systems. The team was a single source solution provider, and we have evolved into a multi-insulant system provider.  Rather than take chances with components and debating the advantages with clients, we listen to our clients and provide them their chosen insulant – – while taking ownership and creating the requisite added value.

Polyisocyanurate for mechanical pipe insulation systems is manufactured by only 4 acceptable U.S. suppliers, two of which have considerably more credibility in the market: ITW Insulation that is the sole distributor of PIR branded by Dow® Chemical as Trymer”, and Dyplast Products® whose brand is ISO-C1® (and ISO-HT® for higher temperature applications up to 350°F).  Trymer and ISO-C1 have comparable properties, yet the end-users should evaluate differences and costs given the particular applications.



Physical properties and characteristics of insulation materials are only half of the story.

It’s the complete insulation system that insures performance. That system is comprised of barriers to vapor, fit of materials, joint design, sealing processes, installation methods and design guidelines that deliver a breach free system.

We are the only company that provides a completely engineered system where all components are controlled and produced from one source. PermaTherm