Single Piece Elliptical Tank Head Insulation With Factory Applied Vapor Barrier

Elliptical Tank Head Insulation
Tank heads are often a critical piece of your tank, and insulating tank heads can be expensive. PermaTherm’s proprietary fabrication process results in a single-piece unit with factory-applied PermaCastTM  (only on EPS)- – eliminating the jigsaw puzzle in the field that otherwise requires multiple insulation segments installed in courses around the center, with multiple seams that must each be sealed, and then vapor barriers applied. PermaTherm’s single-unit insulation head ensures installation is completed in minimum time with labor expenses reduced.

The single piece unit is available only with EPS.

XPS & ISO are fabricated with numbered pieces that are assembled in the field. 

PermaTherm tank head insulation units can be fabricated to fit elliptical, flanged and dished, hemispherical, conical, spherical, or any other style.

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