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PermaTherm manufactures a comprehensive system for your chilled water application.

With more than 25 years of EPS manufacturing expertise, PermaTherm can help you perfect the affordable, mold-resistant, low-temperature system you need. Our 2" pipe insulation meets 25/50 flame and smoke requirements – call us today and see why our complete pipe insulation systems provide the best value and the best performance in the market.


Our pipe insulation systems are comprised of only the highest-quality materials possible. Each of our products is manufactured to strict tolerances and fabricated from a single source, allowing us to provide the best-quality pipe insulation system on the market today. Questions? Call PermaTherm to tell us about your cryo/ammonia refrigeration project!


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PermaTherm’s Pipe Insulation Systems: Superior, Affordable & Easy-to-Install

Pipe Insulation System with Vapor Barriers - PermaTherm

PermaTherm has more than 25 years of experience in the insulation industry, and it shows. Our superior pipe insulation systems have a high, constant K-factor that maintains efficiency over time. Whether you’re looking for commercial pipe insulation for ammonia refrigeration or chilled water applications, PermaTherm can help! Our comprehensive pipe insulation systems include:

  • PermaTherm’s exclusive vapor barriers pre-applied to our pipes and fittings, making your materials impervious to moisture and water vapor without having to wait for messy mastics to dry!
  • Pipe insulation materials that are easy to ship, handle and install – without having to purchase or install numerous expansion joints.
  • Heavy-duty PVC or aluminum jacketing, that's custom-made to fit your unique insulated pipe system.
  • A one-year manufacturing warranty on all of our products. 1

We know that time on the job is imperative in today’s environment, so get your industrial pipe insulation project done quickly and economically with PermaTherm. To find out more about creating customized pipe insulation systems for your application, call (706) 468-7500 or fill out our short contact form online. Our experts are waiting to talk to you about your needs!

Comprehensive Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Commercial Pipe Insulation

PermaTherm provides the only truly comprehensive EPS pipe insulation systems on the market - and because we are the only manufacturer of EPS commercial and industrial pipe insulation systems, we have the ability to completely track each component of our systems from start to finish. This providing us with complete control over every aspect of the project, even shipping!

We’ll help you design the customized insulated pipe system you require, and we’ll ship everything you need to make that system complete, including elbow pipe fittings, vessel insulation or an array of pipe insulation accessories for cold service and ammonia refrigeration systems!

Not sure what you need? Talk to our experts; call (706) 468-7500 or browse our vast array of technical resources for commercial and industrial pipe insulation systems, including pipe installation guidelines, thickness charts and more. We want to help you with every aspect of your project!

1 PermaTherm’s one-year manufacturing warranty applies only to manufacturing defects on products manufactured by PermaTherm. This does not apply to products manufactured by third-party vendors (e.g. jacketing and accessories).