Commercial and Industrial Straight Pipe Insulation for Cold Services

Industrial Straight Pipe Insulation Materials for Cold Services - PermaTherm 427

PermaTherm understands that your ammonia and refrigeration pipe insulation systems need superior thermal efficiency and durability. This is why we provide customized commercial and industrial straight pipe insulation for cold services applications, utilizing 427 insulation as the core material to meet even the most aggressive, rugged requirements.

Straight Pipe Insulation System: Installation & One-Year Warranty

It’s easy to handle and install, our straight pipe insulation materials feature three-foot sections of pipe, coupled with our exclusive PMZ vapor barrier attached to the pipe insulation. Installation instructions are simple – clamp, pull off the self-sealing lap tape, and apply butt strips for a vapor-free insulation job – it’s that easy! Our zero-permeance PMZ vapor barrier is the key to a failure-free pipe insulation system; in fact, we’ve utilized this product for more than 25 years without failure!

What’s more, all of our products come with a one-year manufacturer warranty!1 PermaTherm is dedicated to providing you with all that you need to produce a comprehensive pipe insulation system, in addition to straight pipe insulation, we provide elbows, customized fittings, tees, vessel insulation and even an array of accessories to make your cold services project complete.

See why our pipe insulation manufacturer company is known for our commitment to high-quality, affordable, customizable EPS pipe insulation systems around the country. Call (706) 468-7500 or fill out our brief contact form and our experts will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your project needs.

1 PermaTherm’s one-year manufacturing warranty applies only to manufacturing defects on products manufactured by PermaTherm. This does not apply to products manufactured by third-party vendors (e.g. jacketing and accessories).