Customized Elbow Pipe Fittings: Insulation for Cold Service Applications

Industrial Elbow Pipe Fittings Insulation for Cold Service - PermaTherm

PermaTherm’s elbow pipe fittings are covered with our patented PermaCast zero-permeance vapor barrier to provide failure-free insulation for cold service applications, making our commercial and industrial elbow fittings completely impervious to moisture and water vapor – without the use of time-consuming mastics.

What’s more, PermaTherm’s elbow fittings are easy to handle and install! Just caulk, clamp and use our strapping tape to hold them in place! We also sell our exclusive PMZ zero-permeance vapor barrier tape for your joints – as well as the PVC or aluminum pipe jacketing that you need to create a comprehensive EPS insulated pipe system.

We manufacture the only truly comprehensive insulated pipe systems on the market, allowing us to have complete control over all of our parts, from start to finish. What’s more, PermaTherm offers a 100% manufacturing warranty on all of our products,1 so we can provide you with a complete worry-free system!

Questions about our industrial and commercial elbow fittings for cold service applications? Contact our experts at (706) 468-7500 or browse our technical resources to download installation guidelines, thickness charts and more.

1 PermaTherm’s one-year manufacturing warranty applies only to manufacturing defects on products manufactured by PermaTherm. This does not apply to products manufactured by third-party vendors (e.g. jacketing and accessories).